Reflective testing

Testing that's completely automated.

Get Started
  # Usage:
  class Example
    prepend Reflekt
  # And that's it!

Don't Repeat Yourself

Code is the source of truth, not the test.

Speed up development

No more manually writing tests!

Real results

Test with real data in real-time.

Simulate everything

Find bugs you never thought possible.

Open source

Free for everyone except Amazon.

More fun

Less layers, easier to learn.

Traditional testing is fine but it’s not perfect. Tests often check for a golden path that works, when errors actually happen when the code or user does something unexpected. And with automated testing humans still have to write the tests.

Reflekt writes the tests for you, and tests in the negative for situations that you wouldn’t have noticed. It works out of the box with no extra coding required. Because Reflekt tests your objects as they are used in the normal flow of the application, you get real world test results.